We specialize in liquidating Fine Jewellery and Swiss watches.


Federal Auction Service specializes in liquidating large quantities of Fine Jewellery and Swiss watches. We can provide turn key solutions as Agents on a consignment basis under contract to Government and Businesses. If you are in urgent need of selling a large collection of valuable Jewellery and/or Swiss watches through Federal Auction Service, please contact us.

Government Departments in need of a specialized seized or re-possessed jewellery auction house in Canada can take comfort in the fact that Federal Auction Service has represented Government-owned assets under contract over 15 years of Auction service history across Canada, specializing in high-caliber Gems and Jewels. We are able to put together a competitive bid that is comprehensive, optimizing the product to match market potential via live, targeted promotions that other methods of selling just don't measure up to, while also addressing Governmental mandates.

Your valuable assets would be covered under our Jeweller's Block policy against risk of loss, and handled in a responsive and professional manner. Federal Auction Service is proud to be able to provide this specialized service as the first auction in the world to achieve an International Standards Organization (ISO) designation, through which we have developed an efficient business model which allows us to be very competitive when quoting our services to sellers in need of liquidating valuable merchandise at our auctions.

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